Final Fantasy XIII-2

Some time ago I finished Final Fantasy 13-2.

Final Fantasy 13-2 (FF13-2) is the sequel to FF13. The main character is  Serah, Lightnings little sister (Lightning is the main character i FF13). Serah remembers Lightning coming home after the events in final fantasy 13, but she is the only one who remembers that. Something has erased Lightning coming home from others memories. This together with monsters suddenly attacking Serahs home settlement leads Serah to the conclusion that something is wrong.

Noel Kreiss a man from the future, a future were he is the last man standing, comes to Serahs aid. Traveling back in time Noel met Lightning in Valhalla. Lightning told Noel to find Serah and save the future.

076 082

The main antagonist in this game is a man named Caius Ballad, a man who is cursed to live forever. I think he is the most interesting character in this game, especially his relation with Noel. Throughout the story you actually start to sympathies with him (at least I did).


The fighting system is the same in FF13-2 as in FF13 with the ATB system and Paradigm Shift. A difference in this game is that there’s only TWO characters to level up compared to SIX in FF13. Each character can level up in 6 roles. If you do the math, 6 characters and 6 different roles for every character in FF13, you will be greatful for just two characters in FF13-2!



You can have 3 characters in a fight. So in FF13-2 the third character is a monster. You can capture and level up monsters to fit a specific purpose. If you want to you can create really super kickass monsters by leveling up them correct and fuse different monsters with each other to give them other or more abilities (there’s lots of guides on the net how to do that). But if you don’t want to do that you don’t have to AND you don’t need to. I only used 4-5 monsters and I’m pretty sure that I used the wrong type of material to level a monster up at some point. But I still kicked ass in the end! 

The music in this game hasn’t that characteristic wibe as other final fantasy music has, it sometimes feels misplaced. There’s a specific music that plays when you ride a chocobo.  When you ride red chocobos the music is a horrible metal song that really do not fit in  (eventually it gets stuck in your head, I wont say that I started to like it but I got used to it and every time I think of chocobos I hear that song… >_<).



A nice element in this game is the puzzles you sometime have to solve to resolve a paradox. They can be a real bitch! There are three types  of puzzles, Crystal bonds, Tile traials and Hands of time. The first two are quite simple. But the third one is frustrating. I hate that one!


See you next game! ^^

Girls Gaming Weekend

Last weekend was GirlsGamingWeekend! GGW is something me and my friends have 2 times every year. It is what it sounds, we get together and play co-op games for a weekend. The tricky part with this weekends is to find games. 3-4 player co-op games where all get achievements is a bit tricky to find.

Every time we take turn hosting the event and this time it was x MissDeLuxe x time. We played 3 games, Cloudberry Kingdom, Sacred Citadel and Charlie Murder. All of them XBLA games and nice co-op games, but neither of them games I would play alone.

Cloudberry Kingdom
This platform game is hard but funny (funny if you play it with other whom laugh at your attempts and cheer you on)! Every level is full of traps and it gets harder and more traps on every level.

Have you ever played Super meat boy? It’s the same in this game, you die 50-100 times on every level before you manage to do that perfect lucky set of jumps to the end. Don’t forget to look at the replay. Haha!

It gets so hard! It’s sick!

The nice thing in co-op is that you get as many attempts as you are players! Whoo!

cloudberry kingdomcloudberry kingdom

Sacred Citadel
This is the only game we actually finished. Sacred Citadel is a role playing hack and slash game like Golden Axe. (<3 Goldden Axe, one of the few games I had as a child) This game even has mounts just like Golden Axe!

There’s not much to say about the story; four heroes (mage, shaman, worrior and ranger) sets out on a mission to save the day! You fight, fight, fight, level up, hope to find better equipment and fight again… The game wasn’t that challenging (the only time we had some kind of trouble was on the last boss). It’s a good game but gets repetitive. So it’s a good ting that the game isn’t too long.

The random drops for the characters special weapon was a little unbalanced and a bit frustrating. I, as the ranger, got new bows quite often. StopXwhispering as the shaman wasn’t that lucky…

Sacred Citadel

Charlie Murder
At first both me and x MissDeLuxe x found this game a bit confusing and was ready to give up, but luckily stopXwhispering pushed us to play on. Thank you!

This game is funny!! You play as a punk rock band and you need to save the world from a big rival metal band! LOL! It’s a RPG hack and slash as Sacred Citadel but with a lot more to do, both with the characters equipment and the characters level progress. This game is not just walking and fighting. Some levels you drive a vehicle, in some fly broomsticks, there are mini games where you play your instrument and as a plus you can take pictures with your phone’s camera to get rewards. Lot of different enemies, even Ninjas! ^^

Every band member has a special attack that has something to do with their instrument. The drummers special attack throws out projectiles from the drums! You get those special attacks by getting tattos!So Punk!! Playing co-op you also get special team attacks.

Charlie Murder

Charlie Murder

The biggest person with the smallest gun…

Charlie Murder

…and tiniest bike! LOL!

Charlie Murder

Xbox360 controller! Yay! ^^

Charlie Murder

Experience = Followers (Brilliant!)

Charlie Murder

Tiny Death Star
There is one more game we played (On our phones)…  <3

Tiny Death Star

Game On 2.0
We also visited Game On 2.0, a game exhibition at the technical museum in Stockholm. Game On 2.0 has both retro and new games, viedo games and computer games and about a 100 games you can try.

Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0 Game On 2.0


Halloween gaming – Costume Quest

During Halloween I played the DLC for Costume Quest; Grubbins on Ice! Costume Quest is a cute adventure role playing Halloween game were you play as children “trick-or-treating”. As you start the game you choose to play one of a twin couple. The one you choose gets a robot costume and the other one gets a candy costume. Candy eating monsters shows up and tries to take all candy and kidnap the candy dressed kid! Now you have to find and rescue your sibling. On your way you need to get help from other kids, collect more candy (you can trade with candy), find new costumes and fight monsters.

The DLC, Grubbins on Ice, is basically the same except that it’s not halloween. It’s winter and the kids find a portal to the monster world, Repugia. In Repugia one of you friends is taken by the monsters and it’s up to you to take her back!

The kids are adorable!

Costume Quest

Costume Quest

Costume Quest Grubbins on Ice

Behind every door while trick-or-treating could be either a nice person who gives you candy or a evil monster you need to fight.

Costume Quest - Candy

In a fight the children become their costume and gets the fighting power and ability that fits that costume! 

Costume Quest

Costume Quest

The fighting system is easy. It could be; press a specific button at the right time, press one button repeatatly or move the left stick.

Costume Quest

There’s eleven costumes to get in Costume Quest and three in Grubbins on ice. There is a Ninja costume! Whoo! ^^Costume Quest Ninja

As said before, all costumes have a special attack/ability they can use in battle. Some is defensive and some offensive, ex the Statue of Liberty can heal the party, the Fighter can put up a shield to protect a party member, the Space warrior summons a giant asteroid that damage all enemies.

Costume Quest

Costume Quest

Costume Quest Meteor Avalanche

The absolute funniest attack in the game is the special attack; Eye-agra falls… (LOL) ^^

Costume Quest Eye-agra fallCostume Quest Eye-agra fall

Some of the costumes have abilities you can use while exploring, ex if you wear the fighter costume you can use a shield to protect you from falling objects, the Ninja costume let you sneak around unnoticed and the french fries costume can be used to lure people to follow you.


All in all a game you really need to play! The DLC is really short (a bit to short if you ask me – I want more), you can finish it in about three hours.

X marks the spot!!!!!!! ^^

Costume Quest Pirate X marks the spot

Castle of Illusion

Castle of Illusion

I didn’t have Castle of Illusion when I was a Kid, but some of my friends had it. I wanted it so badly but never got it. =( Thanks to Sega Studios Australia who developed a remake and released it on Xbox Live Arcade I could finally get my hands on that kid’s wish! But the question is; Is it a good remake?

Well I don’t really remember that much of the original game but this remake certainly has the same feeling that I remember. The toy levels is as frustrating as I remember. I really hate those toy soldiers! One thing that I really miss in the remake is the sound from when Mickey jumped up and hit his head in something. =(

I’m not sure I have ever managed to clear the old game. I don’t have any memories of the third world in this remake, but in the levels after I got flashes of memories back. As a kid I most likely just watched one of my friends playing the levels after the toyland. So I guess I finally got a chance to clear Castle of Illusion all by my self! YAY! ^^

Enchanted ForestEnchanted ForestEnchanted ForestToylandToyland

This little puzzle is my favorite in this game! I’m a bit embarrassed to say that it took a few seconds to long before I figured it out! haha

Castle of Illusion Mirror Puzzle

Why do games have to have a water level? I really hate those. In Sonic, the water world is the worst and it’s the same in this game. It’s not the hardest levels but they are boring. Luckily you don’t get out of air in Castle of Illusion! A good thing!

The Storm

Luckily again, the water levels isn’t only under water.
The Storm

The Library…


In the Library Mickey enters a bottle of milk and finds himself in a magic candy land…
I had some trouble jumping from and to the moving floating cookies. Apparently Mickey can’t swim in milk! I lost many lives in scenarios like these. >_< Damn Precision jumping!

Castle of Illusion

The last world, the Castle, is hard!

The CastleThe Castle

Finally, after some swearing over the hard castle levels, I got to Mizrabels tower over the Rainbowbridge. So beautiful!

Castle of Illusion - Rainbowbridge

Mizrabel was really challenging and funny! I lost all my lives and got Game Over but this game has continues! YAY!


Mizrabel vs Mickey

I like this game. It’s a perfect balance of easy and hard. The first levels is really easy. As it should it gets harder but it isn’t util the Castle levels you really have to start backtracking for real to get more lives. (Yes in this game you can bunker up extra lives! The first stage is excellent for this) The boss fights at every 3rd level is a bit challenging but once you have learned how they move they are really easy. Except Mizrabel’s last stage. She is predictable but her last moves are hard to doge!

See you next game! ^^

Borderlands2 – Bunkers & Badasses


Tiny Tinas Assault on Dragon Keep is the 4th DLC for Borderlands2, and the best of all DLCs in Borderlands history!

In this DLC you play in Tiny Tina´s fantasy world. She has created a role playing game like Dungeon & Dragons, here named Bunkers & Badasses (Brilliant!!!!), and invited the original Borderlands1 characters (Lilith, Brick and Mordecai) to play the game. (You don’t play the original Borderlands characters, they play a character in Bunkers & Badasses which is you, a character from Borderlands2)

Tina: “While our Vault Hunting buddies beat the slamma jamma out of that Hyperion informant downstairs, I thought we could play a game.”

Borderlands2 - B&B


I’ve been working on a review on this DLC a very long time, writing, deleting, rewriting, deleting ect. At this time I’ve erased everything and stared over again. This time I will keep it simple.

The main quest is to save the queen! However, I do not think that the main story is what’s important, I’ts just something that gets you going. (Well that’s not entirely true, just wait to you see who the queen is…hahaha). What you really should do is pay attention to all nerd references. References to (obviously) role playing games like D&D, for example the frustration of what happens when you roll 1 on a 20 sided dice (quest named critical fail! hahaha). References to movies; ex Lord of the rings; Claptrap stands on a bridge in a dwarven mine saying “You Shall Not Pass!”


Anyone else think of Minas Tirith when you see this?


References to games…


This guy looks like he belongs in World of Warcraft…


Pay attention and you you will have a really big laugh!

Tina really kick ass as a Dungeon Master. But my favorite character in this DLC is Lilith. Normally I always vote for Mordecai of the original Borderlands characters but Lilith is a copy of me when I play role playing games. Just ask my Dungeon Master, haha!  ^^

Tina: “You arrive at the docks of Flamerock Refuge. This place used to be really nice until the Handsome Sorcerer messed everything up.”
Lilith: “I say we head toward town to investigate.”

Enjoy all the crazyness that is Tina! ^^


Summer project – Day 4

Day 4 of the summer project and 4 games played; Fallout 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Halo Wars and Brink.

Summer project Day4

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is an action role-playing game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The human race lives under ground in vaults and it is in one of them your story begins, Vault 101.

A really unusual thing in Fallout 3 is that you start to play as a kid, only 1 year old! Well the only thing you do at this age is walk around in the room and find this really awesome book! ^^

Fallout3 You´re special!

The book explains your stats and this is the fist time you can improve them! The stats  are Charisma, Intelligence, Luck, Agility, Strength, Endurance and Perception. The book is so cute and funny! ^^


When you’re 16 years old it’s time to take a test, the Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test (G.O.A.T). This test will determined your future career (which skills you will focus on). But don’t worry if you do not like the main skills you got you can change them. I was not happy with my career, Vault Chaplain…with the main skill Barter (used for get low prices in stores and sell your own stuff for more money). If I remembered correctly, I changed my main skill to be Small Guns. Seems more useful to be good at shooting! ^^

All the questions are based on what you would do in a specific situation. Really humorous!


As expected you don’t stay in Vault 101 for ever…

Fallout 3

This is as far as I played this time. Basically I only played the tutorial, but it’s one of the best tutorials I’ve ever played. I just hope the rest of the game has as much humor! ^^

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Love this game! ^^
More about this game another time!

Halo Wars

Yet another strategy game. But this one I liked a bit more than the previously strategy games. “Is it because it is Halo(?)” haha, I ask myself. ^^ Well the truth is; Yes most likely! Haha!

To be honest, the reason that I liked this game better then the other strategy games, I’ve played during this project, is that in this game I know the names of the troops and theirs abilities. The same goes for the enemy. When I see an elite I instinctively know they are more kick-ass than grunts.

Halo Wars

Yeay! Scorpions!

Halo Wars - Scorpions

Covenants with ghosts! =)

Halo Wars - Covernants

Every Halo game has to have an AI…

Halo Wars

Cortana is the shit though!


Initially what comes to my mind thinking of Brink is CONFUSING!

Brink is a first person shooter game. The environment reminds me of Borderlands! Yeay! ^^ Plus points!

Brink - environment

The first thing that happens in this game, after the intro cut scene, is that you have to make a choice!

Brink - save the ark

???? What? I have no idea what I want to do yet. (Maybe because I usually never pay that much attention to an intro). I choose Save the ark. Then it was time to choose a character and customize him (no women?!??!). It wasn’t that hard to dress him up. But to customize what he is supposed to be good at? Huh? I don’t know what this game is about yet. So finally I skipped it and just started a co-op online game with Stopxwhispering.

It turned out to be really fun. The Campaign is built up by several missions, missions for both Security and Resistance. To complete the mission you have to clear some objectives; destroy the gate, escort maintenance bot, hack the side door and so on.

Brink - missions

There are four classes you can play; Soldier, Medic, Engineer, and Operative. Every class has certain abilities; the soldiers destroys objectives, the engineer can repair things, the medic heal and buff its teammates and the operative can hack computers. During every missions you can change class if it is needed.

Brink -repair

Every mission has a time limit so hurry up!

You are not alone! In our team (me and Stopxwhispering) there were 6 other players, AI . Then there’s the enemy team…

At first I had no clue what to do and my AI teammates were just running around doing nothing useful. To clear an objective you actually have to stand there for a while and press a button. Hopefully your teammates protect you (not really, if they are AI) while your busy doing this.

Then I had the problem that I could hardly see thee difference between friends and foes ((!?) Fail!) I died all the time! =( Everything was so confusing.


Eventually I got the hang of it!


I can imagine how amazing this game would be to system link! ^^

Games with Gold!

On E3 Microsoft announced that all player with gold membership will get two free games each month! Yeay! Thank you very much! To get it you have to check in on game marketplace on your Xbox 360 go to Games with Gold and download. ^^

Games with gold

They release a new game the 1st and 16th of every month so be sure to check in and download before a new one is released.

The fist games, in June was Fable III (not available anymore) and now it is Defense grid.